Houston Alumnae Panhellenic Association


Reading Is Fundamental (RIF)


Panhellenic members give more than 100 community service hours annually to the Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) program at Spring Branch Elementary School through Partners In Education.

Funds exceeding $1,000 are donated every year to the school library, enabling hundreds of students to receive free books.

Panhellenic woman assist in the distribution of these books, reading to the children, and volunteering their time as needed.

  Shirley Kraus and Students  
Shirley Kraus, Alpha Gamma Delta, and Students
Karen Hibbard and Shannon Schumacher, Alpha Phi
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Shannon Kroger and Kim Rexford,
Kappa Kappa Gamma
Analyn Anderson Lee and Marsha Laffoon,
Sigma Kappa
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Yvonne Malanga and Susan Banks,
Gamma Phi Beta
Beth Black and Janet Lionberger,
Kappa Alpha Theta
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Connie Zieba, Alpha Gamma Delta,
Dianne Hammelman, Delta Delta Delta,
and Becky Dykes, Delta Delta Delta
Polly Kent and Sally Reed,
Chi Omega

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Deb Stutsman,
2011 SBES "Teacher of the Year"
SBEF "Good Neighbor" Banquet:
Pam Jarrett, Analyn Anderson Lee, Marilyn Lynch, Lorie Coffelt, Anna Riseden, Candace Turner, Connie Zieba, and Joni Landon
Pam Jarrett, Marilyn Lynch, and Deb Stutsman at Houston Alumnae Panhellenic Luncheon
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Carol Coleman and Louise Huck, Phi Mu
Carol Coleman, Phi Mu
Reading Is Fundamental:
Students with their new books.
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Becky Dykes and Dianne Hammelman, Delta Delta Delta
Reading Is Fundamental:
Ice Cream for Books!
Katy Guerre, Chi Omega
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Katy Guerre, Delta Delta Delta
Sally Reed, Chi Omega
Reading Is Fundamental:
Students selecting new books.
rif   rif   RIF 2011
Connie Zieba,
Alpha Gamma Delta
Reading Is Fundamental:
Students enjoying their books.
Marian Schreiber and
Marcia Tait, Alpha Delta Pi
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Heather Whitfield and
Sherry St. Aubin, Zeta Tau Alpha
Heather Whitfield,
Zeta Tau Alpha
Marcy Cann and Ann McGehee,
Zeta Tau Alpha
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Lisa Nixon and Kathleen Walton, Alpha Xi Delta
Kathleen Walton and Lisa Nixon, Alpha Xi Delta
Shannon Schumacher and
Karen Hibbard, Alpha Phi
RIF 2011   rif   RIF
Lorie Coffelt, Alpha Delta Pi,
and Deb Stutsman, Librarian
Lorie Coffelt, Alpha Delta Pi,
and Connie Zieba,
Alpha Gamma Delta
Connie Zieba,
Alpha Gamma Delta
RIF   rif   RIF

Carolyn Wehner and Lyn West, Kappa Kappa Gamma
Mary Koenig, Alpha Chi Omega, Janis Nooteboom, Chi Omega,
Carol Scarbrough, Chi Omega
 Lyn Luster and Barbara Upchurch, Delta Delta Delta
 Mary Koenig and Joni Landon, Alpha Chi Omega
Reading Is Fundamental:
RIF Reading is Cool!
Dianne Hammelman,
Delta Delta Delta
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Terry Hebert, Chi Omega
Deb Stutsman, Librarian,
and Analyn Anderson Lee,
Sigma Kappa
Shirley Kraus and Betty Adams, Alpha Gamma Delta
RIF   RIF   rif
Yvetta Schwarz, Sigma Delta Tau, and Pam Jarrett,
Alpha Epsilon Phi
Reading Is Fundamental:
Books donated to students.
Deb Stutsman, Librarian, and
Pam Jarrett, Alpha Epsilon Phi
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      RIF Thank You  
  RIF Award 2009    
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