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Karen Ledbetter, Kappa Alpha Theta



Karen Ledbetter  

Karen Ledbetter was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri.  Anyone from St. Louis knows the first question another St. Louisianan asks is, "Where did you go to school?" and they don't mean college.  So for anyone from St. Louis in the HAPA world, Karen went to Kirkwood High School.  She still loves to go home and visit, but she is happy to have headed south to become a southern girl!


Karen graduated from Tulsa University where she was a member of Kappa Alpha Theta.  She served as the Theta Panhellenic Representative and the next year served as Vice President, Finance for the Tulsa Panhellenic.  Little did she know her Panhellenic days were just beginning!


Karen did not re-involve herself with Theta after graduation.  Instead she was raising a family and running her interior design business.  One day she realized that outside of her children's friend's parents, neighbors, and paid employees, she didn't have girlfriends like she had in Theta back in college.  This was in the 80's and as she was reading a community newspaper one day she spotted an ad placed by the Theta Houston Alumnae Club announcing their next meeting.  She decided to attend.....some of the women Karen met that day in 1984 are today, some of her closest friends!


Kappa Alpha Theta 

Kappa Alpha Theta
HAPA/HAPF Annual Scholarship Luncheon at the Junior League

Jeanne Osborne, Dinah McClymonds, Wendy Wright, Virginia Purcell, Olivia Munson, Marilyn Lynch,
Janet Lionberger, Karen Ledbetter, Jana Phillips, Nancy Craig, Vicki Lange, Beth Black, Jennifer Bowen



Later Karen was to become the Theta delegate to convention.  Karen asserts if anyone has not been to their national convention, it needs to be on their bucket list.  It was an eye-opener for Karen to see the bigger picture of what a large group of women can accomplish. 

Later, that same thought would inspire Karen at her first NPC Conference.  She feels it is overwhelming the difference we, as Panhellenic women, make in the lives of others.  Karen is always in awe of our collective magnitude.

Ms. Ledbetter went on to serve Theta as the Alumnae District President, VP Finance and Facilities; VP Public Relations and Extension, and two terms as International President.

  Currently, Karen serves in several capacities - 1st Alternate Delegate for Theta on NPC, Interior Design Coordinator for Fraternity Housing Corporation, and RRBC at large.

Outside of Theta, Karen has been active in her church and is now sitting on the Property Committee.  Ms. Ledbetter recently redesigned the parlor and will soon be redesigning the ladies restroom.  Karen has been a Rotarian - first woman in the Cy-Fair Rotary; Outstanding Rotarian; and President.

Karen has been married for thirty years to Ron Ledbetter and they have four children and three grandchildren.  The wedding of the last of their children to get married will take place in Connecticut in January 2014 (they are praying for nice weather).

Area Panhellenics 2012 

  Karen and Lorie   
  Pam Staples, Grace Anne Baker, Polly Kent,
Lorie Coffelt, Karen Ledbetter
  HAPA General Meeting
Karen Ledbetter and Lorie Coffelt (HAPA President)
  Area Panhellenics   
 NPC Roundtable Discussion for all Greater Houston-area Alumnae Panhellenics
Hosted by Houston Alumnae Panhellenic Association (HAPA)
(Front) Leslie Lampi, Karen Ledbetter, Sherry St. Aubin, Susan Banks
(Back) Kathryn Vernau, Laurie Vaughn, Polly Kent, Cherie Roche, Carol Stevens,
Merry Adamcik, Joni Fichter, Melanie Frank, Lorie Coffelt, Tracey Nelson



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