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Anne Marie “Rie” Gerah Hoehner, Alpha Gamma Delta


Rie attended college at the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond, Oklahoma, where she served as the Alpha Gamma Delta Chapter President and the Panhellenic President.  She was the 1985 Homecoming Queen.

Following graduation, she worked for Dun & Bradstreet Corporation in Tulsa, Dallas, and Houston, as a Business Analyst, Divisional Manager, and District Manager.  She is currently the President & Owner of The Wrap & Mail Room, Inc. in Houston.

For the National Panhellenic Conference, beginning in 1995, Rie has served as Second Alternate NPC Delegate, First Alternate Delegate, Delegate, Alumnae Panhellenics Area Adviser Coordinator & Alumnae Panhellenics Area Adviser, Recruitment Committee Chairman, Budget & Finance Committee Member, Secretary, College Panhellenics Area Adviser, Risk Management Task Force Chairman, and International Vice-President Panhellenic Affairs.



Houston Panhellenic Luncheon - Alpha Gamma Delta
(Top) Connie Zieba, Sue Pellegrino Wolf, Charlotte Jamieson, Dawn Luza, Jody Hostetler, Amanda Moreno, Kathy Rorschach, Shirley Kraus
(Bottom) David Sprague (Christina's Father), Christina Sprague (Scholarship Winner), Mia Sprague (Christina's Mother),
Rie Hoehner (International President of Alpha Gamma Delta)
Junior League of Houston
Jordan Scheiner Photography



In 1986, Rie began her international volunteer service for Alpha Gamma Delta as a Chapter Consultant (Leadership Consultant).  She followed that as Philanthropy Committee Member, Province Director for Collegians, Recruitment and Personal Development Committee Member, Campaign Newsletter Editor, Leadership Institute 2nd Ad Hoc Committee Chair, and Leadership Institute Organizational Committee Chair. 

Rie was an active and productive member of the Dallas Alumnae Club of Alpha Gamma Delta (1989-1994), followed by the Houston Alumnae Club of Alpha Gamma Delta.

In 2014, Rie was elected as the International President of Alpha Gamma Delta.



Rie has worked closely with collegians and alumnae for over thirty years.  Her vision is one that continues to offer a meaningful, supportive, and memorable collegiate experience that seeks to develop a sisterhood filled with women of purpose, grace, confidence, and kindness.

It is also her vision that our alumnae feel continually inspired and impacted by their involvement at any level, in ways that offer lifetime personal development.



  Alpha Gamma Delta - Gingerbread Tea
Caroline Hoehner (Rie's daughter), Rie Hoehner (International President of Alpha Gamma Delta),
Elizabeth & Jessica McCarty
Home of Sue Pellegrino Wolf, Alpha Gamma Delta
  Tea for Rie
Debbie Jones, Kappa Kappa Gamma; Melanie Frank, Sigma Kappa; Rie Hoehner (International President of Alpha Gamma Delta); Susan Banks, Gamma Phi Beta; Sandy Lewis; Zeta Tau Alpha
Home of Peggy Fields, Alpha Gamma Delta

Tea For Rie
(Back) Shirley Kraus, Alpha Gamma Delta; Merry Adamcik, Delta Zeta; Sandy Lewis, Zeta Tau Alpha; Lorie Coffelt, Alpha Delta Pi;
Suzanne Shelton, Pi Beta Phi; Judy Harwell, Delta Zeta; Rie Hoehner (International President of Alpha Gamma Delta),
Susan Banks, Gamma Phi Beta; Lyn Flynt, Alpha Phi; Sue Brennig, Kappa Kappa Gamma; Melanie Frank, Sigma Kappa; Kay Newman, Delta Gamma
(Front) Debbie Jones, Kappa Kappa Gamma; Susan Fruit, Alpha Omicron Pi; Julie Sykes, Alpha Chi Omega; Toni Post, Delta Zeta
Home of Peggy Fields, Alpha Gamma Delta



Tea For Rie - Alpha Gamma Delta
(Standing) Charlotte Jamieson, Dawn Luza, Jane Judson, Jody Hostetler, Jennifer Powell, Peggy Field,
Shirley Kraus, Dorothy Swanson, Heather Wellman, Betsy Calabro, Amanda Moreno (Sitting) Alison Svrcek,
Kay Parnell, Rie Hoehner (International President of Alpha Gamma Delta), Patsy Davis, Connie Zieba
Home of Peggy Fields



NPC Coffee for all Houston-area Alumnae Panhellenics
Hosted by HAPA Research & Education Committee

(Top) Pam Jarrett; Sandy Lewis; Heidi Oates; Kathy Keene; Debbie Etheridge; Mary Payne
(Bottom) Connie Zieba; Kelli Gustafson; Betty Adams; Candace Turner; Stephanie Ceritelli; Judy Harwell;
Sharon Shelton-Pease; Rie Hoehner; Grace Anne Baker; Merry Adamcik; Joni Landon; Toni Post;
Lorie Coffelt; Mimi Hagedorn; Andrea Jaycox; Sue Brennig
Home of Pam Jarrett, Alpha Epsilon Phi



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