Houston Alumnae Panhellenic Association

HAPF 30 Year Celebration
Honoring the Foundation Past Presidents
May 18, 2017


HAPF Board of Trustees and Past Presidents




(Back) Cathy Coers Frank, Melanie Frank, Erin Hasbrouck, Merry Adamcik, Joni Fichter,
Dianne Hammelman, Phyllis Prange, Sue Brennig, Sharon Shelton-Pease, Sherry St. Aubin,
Mimi Hagedorn, Kay Newman, Grace Anne Baker, Candace Turner, Martha Hunt,
Ginger Niemann, Sandy Lewis, Pam Jarrett, Jean Calloway
(Front) Lorie Coffelt, Connie Zieba, Tina Melo, Susan Banks,
Toni Post, Barbara Upchurch, Pam Staples, Kay Weed,
Joni Landon, Cooky Mays, Judy Schudy, Deb Elm


The Houston Alumnae Panhellenic Foundation
Board of Trustees invites you to attend a Luncheon
Celebrating the past thirty years of the Foundation and
Honoring the Foundation Past Presidents

The Home of Pam Jarrett, Alpha Epsilon Phi
Past HAPF and HAPA President

Thursday, May 18, 2017
11:00 am

Please RSVP to Connie Zieba, Alpha Gamma Delta
HAPF President 2016-2017




HAPF Trustees and Advisers
2016-2017 and 2017-2018


(Top row) Erin Hasbrouck, Melanie Frank, Lorie Coffelt
(Second row from top) Debbie Etheridge, Sherry St. Aubin, Candace Turner, Julie Vowell-Ramirez, Joni Landon
(Third row from top) Susan Banks, Mary Cooper, Cooky Mays, Ginger Niemann, Dianne Hammelman
(Bottom row) Toni Post, Connie Zieba, Sandy Lewis




Foundation Presidents

  HAPF Presidents  

(Standing) Susan Banks 2007-09, Candace Turner 1998-00, Joni Landon 2017-18,
Toni Post 2013-14, Connie Zieba 2016-17, Sue Brennig 2001-02,
Pam Staples 1991-93, Sandy Lewis 2014-16, Cathy Coers Frank 2004-05,
Pam Jarrett 2011-13, Martha Hunt 1990-91
(Sitting) Phyllis Prange, Kay Weed 1988-90, Kay Newman 2002-03

(Not pictured) Lyn Flynt 1987-88 and 2000-01, Annette Gordon 1996-97,
Lisa Spieldenner 1997-98, Judy Schudy 2003-04, Polly Kent 2009-11,
Joyce Smith* 1993-94, Margo Bould* 1994-95, Marilyn Lynch* 1995-96, Ann Epler* 2005-07

* Deceased




Zeta Tau Alpha


Delta Zeta


Kappa Delta

  Zeta   Delta Zeta   Kappa Delta  

Sandy Lewis, Martha Hunt, Sherry St. Aubin


Erin Hasbrouck, Toni Post,
Sharon Shelton-Pease, Merry Adamcik


Pam Staples, Ginger Neimann, Tina Melo




HAPA Presidents

  HAPA Presidents 5-18-17  

(Standing) Sharon Shelton-Pease 1989-90, Sherry St. Aubin 2013-14, Pam Jarrett 2008-09,
Sue Brennig 1995-96, Mimi Hagedorn 2005-06, Melanie Frank 2014-15,
Candace Turner 2017-18, Lorie Coffelt 2011-12, Tina Melo 2006-07
(Sitting) Phyllis Prange 1988-89, Susan Banks 2003-04, Kay Newman 1998-99



HAPF Thirty-year Celebration
Honoring the HAPF Past Presidents
Hosted by the HAPF Board of Trustees
May 18, 2017

The Houston Alumnae Panhellenic Foundation Board of Trustees hosted a luncheon celebrating the past thirty years of the Foundation and honoring the HAPF (Foundation) Past Presidents.  The luncheon was held in the home of Pam Jarrett, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Past HAPF and HAPA President.

Thirty-two women attended the celebration, many of whom are Past Presidents of the Foundation, in addition to serving as HAPA Presidents, Scholarship Selection Chairmen, Wine Tasting Chairmen, Ways & Means Chairmen, and have held many other offices for the Houston Alumnae Panhellenic Association and its Foundation.

In addition, these women have received Citation Awards and have been recognized as Honorary Board Member Emeritae and Honorary Board Members.  Several women have been chosen as the Guests of Honor for the Annual Wine Tasting Event.

The Foundation was organized in 1987 with the goal of raising funds and awarding scholarships to undergraduate women in financial need, for continuing their education.  At that time, the Foundation was named the Anna K. Chase Foundation, and its first President was Lyn Flynt, Alpha Phi. 

In 1987, seven scholarships were awarded, totaling $2,500.  Since then, a grand total of 525 scholarships have been given, totaling $860,300.  For the 2017-2018 year, 25 undergraduate women were given scholarships totaling $70,500.  These women attend universities throughout Texas and the United States.


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