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Wine Tasting Photos - 2013


01 02
2013 Guests of Honor: Polly Kent (Chi Omega) and Joe Kent Donors and Patrons
03 04
Beverly Kent, Andy & Sylvia Horne, Larry Wilson, Polly & Joe Kent, Mike Watkins, Marjorie Lygas, George Najarian, Lizette Gaudin, Royce & Maryln Ashley Chi Omega: (Front) Polly Kent (Back) Sally Barlow, Gwen Koch, Cathy Coers Frank, Sylvia Horne, Julie Bailey, Barbe Bozeman
05 06
HAPF and HAPA Presidents: Toni Post (Delta Zeta) and Sherry St. Aubin (Zeta Tau Alpha) Wine Tasting Committee: Joni Landon, Linda Higginbotham, Pam Staples, Candace Turner (Chairman), Sharon Shelton-Pease, Toni Post, Pam Jarrett, Judy Harwell
07 08
Registration: Linda Higginbotham (Kappa Delta), Pam Staples (Kappa Delta), Ginger Niemann (Kappa Delta) Honorees, Past and Current: Tim Pease & Sharon Shelton-Pease (2012), Polly & Joe Kent (2013), Sherry & Rolland St. Aubin (2011), Pam & Alan Jarrett (2010)
09 10
Chairmen, Past and Current: Connie Zieba (2010), Candace Turner (2013), Cathy Coers Frank (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009), Judy Harwell (2012), Pam Jarrett (Home Hostess 2003-2009) Not pictured Terry Hebert (2011) Event Poster
11 12
Cork Pull (Back) Sarah Plaisance (Alpha Sigma Alpha), Laura Potter (Delta Zeta), Alex Frank (Front) Joy Potter, Kathy Gibson (Sigma Kappa), Melanie Frank (Sigma Kappa), Robin Brown (Zeta Tau Alpha)
13 14
Pam Jarrett (Alpha Epsilon Phi) and Rob May (Wine Tasting Presenter) Richard Denney, Lyn Flynt (Alpha Phi), Mary Denney
15 16
Frank and Debbie Jones Delta Zeta: Laura Potter, Merry Adamcik, Sharon Shelton-Pease, Toni Post, Judy Harwell
17 18
Brian and Muttaya Bollich Delta Gamma: Joan Warburton, Grace Anne Baker, Sprit Motion, Kay Newman, Marie Matthieu
19 20
Carlos Ramirez and Julie Vowell-Ramirez Becky Roof, Joni Landon, Tina Artman, Sandy Lewis, Pat Vecellio
21 22
Tables Program
23 24
Therese Moore (Kappa Kappa Gamma) and Cathy Coers Frank (Chi Omega) John David & Connie Zieba, Muttaya & Brian Bollich
25 26
Sherry St. Aubin (Zeta Tau Alpha) and Marcy Cann (Zeta Tau Alpha) Pat & Mike Vecellio, Drew & Sandy Lewis
27 28
Candace Turner (Phi Mu) and Debbie Jones (Kappa Kappa Gamma) Desserts
29 30
Door Prizes Guests of Honor: Polly and Joe Kent
31 32
Pat Vecellio, Buddy & Susan Cox, Mike Vecellio Connie Zieba (Alpha Gamma Delta) and Lyn Flynt (Alpha Phi)
33 34
Maryln Ashley, George Najarian, Lizette Gaudin Rolland and Sherry St. Aubin
35 36
Joan Warburton (Delta Gamma), Sprit Motion (Delta Gamma), Joni Landon (Alpha Chi Omega) Kathy Gibson (Sigma Kappa) and Melanie Frank (Sigma Kappa)
37 38
Pam and Alan Jarrett Silent Auction
39 40
Silent Auction Silent Auction
41 42
Silent Auction Silent Auction
43 44
Silent Auction Silent Auction
45 46
Scholarship Winners 2009 and 2010 Scholarship Winners 2011
47 48
Scholarship Winners 2012 Scholarship Winners 2013



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